Television and the Chips

 My favorite TV snack..chips. They go down fast and wild.There's something about munching chips ,during a tense show. Have you ever turned the volume up because your chip crunch is to noisy!? Suddenly you ate the entire bag..Wasn't it full 3 minutes ago?  Chips are  habit forming.

wiseowl wiseowl
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6 Responses Feb 22, 2009

My wife like's to challenge me with anything she can find hot to see if I can eat it and thus far I won all the challenge's. She ate one cheeto and said that was enough for her, Wimp : )

Hi hoss. Yeah, they're good! Makes my tongue orange and burny..fabulous with my favorite Orange soda. Pass the Rolaids though. Burp! I tried some crunchy hot fries & they were seriously dangerous.

Miss Owlie, I like chip's but here as of late I have been eating the Cheeto Flamming Hot cheeto's. Have you tried them yet ? They have a little kick to them. My Best.

Hi Artsy. I did try the blue chips & didn't care for them. This is different too. Chips made from the sweet potato . Yeah sounds weird but not bad. It's different, more healthy according to the package. I'd buy the little bag ..somthings can't be substituted. Good old Lay's potato chips..fabulous.

Yes ! I feel like it's a cheat too. The bag is filled with 75% air .Just buy the giant family size and get thru most of the movie. :>}

I like chips too. Sour cream and onion is the best! I wish they would fill up the bag though, because every time you open up a new bag you notice they could fit a lot more in it