Love Dresses And Skirts

I love skirts and dresses so much more than pants, especially dresses. I would get rid of all of my pants if I didn't constantly participate in activities that are easier done in pants. My husband's favorites are sundresses, white cotton sundresses. I love retro style dresses with big fluffy skirts the most. I can't wait for him to see me at homecoming in the dress I bought to welcome him from the latest deployment. It's hard to find a cute/beautiful dress that is modest enough for my liking. I don't like wearing ones that don't fully cover my thighs, I don't like to show any cleavage and I don't like showing my shoulders. I love that most of my body is seen only by my husband. The dress I bought is spaghetti straps but he will love seeing that I went out of my comfort zone for him and he loves to see my tattoos kissed by the sun so he'll enjoy that. I just love the amazingly feminine feel of dresses. This is the dress I bought for homecoming, I had to wait weeks for them to restock smalls, I was worried they wouldn't have anymore but lucked out.
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1 Response Mar 26, 2012

Stunning dress!<br />
I'm sure your husband will be very happy!<br />
I'm so envious<br />
Hugs<br />

Thank you! I can't wait for him to see me in it.