How awesome is this dress.?
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Very pretty:)

Freaking adorable!!!!!!!!!!

I love Adventure Time! Who's your favorite character?

Those are my favorites

That show is FREAKY wen your rollin on acid lol

Great dress

I never got into Adventure Time sadly

Omg that dress is amazing!!! I have finn onsie!!!

I got at hmv. Adventure time is life

wow, I bet that would look amazing on u

i dont see finn. i see jake , tree trunks, lady unicorn , lumpy princess, PB(princess bubble gum) , the mint guy , and ice king but no finn or Marceline


Marceline is on top right

i like cute dresses too gosh we must go shopping now :o

Definitely cute and awesome for young ladies.

I too love them

Tally awsom i wounld love to take u to dinner movies anywhere in that love it ty bby dolls for sharing such beauty

That's an awesome dress there... if it's in a shirt for guys I'll wear it

The hoodies i know about a friend of mine has it

Never saw that one before... it did remind me of the time where was wearing a Jake shirt though

No really a friend of mine asked me what time it was and I said its adventure time!.. I did it casually and I forgot I had the shirt on

All my friends said really? An adventure time reference with the shirt? I looked down and was like... crap never saw that befoee

Yeah I know... It's not annoying but popping out every once in awhile it gets strange

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