My Visit To The Cinema

I’d become friendly with a boy in school called Malcolm who was also a sissy boy but he was by far more experienced in **** fun than me, he use to frequent the Cinema in his free school periods. He suggested why I didn’t visit the cinema he said there were always dirty old men on the look out for subservient panty boys to play with , I was really turned on by Malcolm’s description of what went on in the Cinema and I became more than curious to find out.

Malcolm had already briefed me what was expected of me and the set the scene for meeting dirty old men interested in some raunchy **** fun, The next day when it came to my free study period, changed from my school boy briefs into my favourite girlie panties before I left school there were a midi pair of stretch nylon panties patterned with large red roses, I made my way to town, I arrived at the Cinema about 13.45 I gave my money to the man in the Cinema booth for ticket, who made a comment “You’re in luck this afternoon”, I didn’t know what he meant at the time.

When I entered the Cinema it was empty apart from two mature men, sitting together on the other side of Cinema, I sat in the middle of the back row, I undid my light grey school trouser belt in case I became lucky, within minutes of me sitting I noticed the there was now one mature man sitting by him self himself. Then out of the blue the other man came and sat next to me, he carried a mackintosh, I knew straight away he was one of the men that belonged to the dirty Mac brigade. These men would drape their Mac over their leg and yours so they could manoeuvre their hand discretely over your knee. As was predicted the man sat down draped his Mac over my knee, while undid the clasp of my trouser waist and slowly lowered my trousers zip.

The Man just smiled at me, he was about 50 years of age, balding head, he wore the typical dress code of his age a shirt, a tie, a suit, and of course he carried a beige coloured Macintosh. Then came the commencement of his action, I felt his hand on my knee, massaging it gently, these men were always careful not to be to rough with panty boys, because I didn’t object he continued to manoeuvre his hand from my knee until he reached my groin, within seconds I could the man’s face light up when he realised I’d prepared my crotch area for his easy access.

Eventually when the man placed his hand between my legs I immediately open them allowing his entry to my panty covered ****, I heard a grating sigh from the man’s voice, an indication he was thrilled and delighted he didn’t have work persuade me to help to help satisfy his lust. To aid the man I lifted myself up a little so that I could lower trousers to rest on my knees, giving the man my permission to fondle me in my skimpy knickers. I enjoyed the physical attention the old man paid to my panty covered ****, the man then whispered in my ear “why don’t you go to the Cinema toilets where Daddy can play with girlie boy, with an invitation such as that how could a sissy boy refuse.

I pulled my trouser up and adjust myself the old man removed his Mac from my knees and left to go directly to the toilet, I followed five minute later, the toilet was located at rear of the cinema, once you opened the toilet door there were steps leading down to the toilet below, the lighting was dim but adequate enough to see, when I arrived at the lower toilet level the old man was patiently waiting for me, I hardly had time to step onto the floor when the man was undoing my trouser belt, which resulted in my trousers falling around down my ankles, the man told me to step out of them an d removed my shirt and school tie, at this point I was not worried about anyone catching me ******** down to my panties, I folded my clothes neatly in a pile as sissy boys usually do I was summoned by the old man to one of the larger toilets cubicle, I picked my clothes and followed him, one inside the man closed the door and locked it. I placed my neatly pile of
clothes on the toilet cistern, the old man undid his belt then dropped his trousers and underwear to his ankle then sat down on the toilet seat and began to fondle my panty covered ****, he commented that sissy boys should always please their daddies, I answered I’d like to be daddy’s then he kissed my panty covered crotch, “Now little girlie boy, Daddy wants you to play with his big ****”, said the old man, I naturally answered nervously “Oh Yes please” , so we switched around positions I sat on the toilet seat while the old man stood up, I was instructed to ********** him with great enthusiasm, which I sensed it really pleased him, then he instructed me it was time to suck his ****, I opened my mouth for him to place his **** inside, thank goodness it was only half hard. My mouth seem to push back his foreskin naturally so my tongue could relish the head of his ****, although I hadn’t sucked a man’s **** before, my instincts led
to me to savour the man’s penis quite naturally. I must have sucked the man’s **** for at least 20minutes, when I sensed his **** was ready to *********, I released my mouth from his ****, the man instructed me to stand up and bend over so I placed my hands on the toilet cistern and arched my bottom, the man pulled my panties over my bottom resting them below my *** cheeks then he injected his *** load between the cheeks of my behind, he must have been really frustrated because the ***** not only saturated the entrance of my anus but also the gusset of my panties. I was pleased he didn’t rush away; he continued our sexual liaison by finger ******* my boy **** with his ********** *****.

While my boy puss y was enjoying the attention my moans of pleasure were a bit loud, then I suddenly I heard movements in the toilet, I whispered to the man who was finger ******* me, did he think the man heard us, “No” said the man fingering my boy *****, its my mate who I was sitting next to until you arrived, he’s waiting outside hoping you’ll let him **** you, he loves ******* boy’s tight ***** holes.

Without asking or waiting for my approval the older man quickly opened the toilet cubicle door and left leaving the cubicle revealing my nakedness except for my skimpy *** soaked panties resting below my *******, there standing at the door with his rock hard **** in his hand was a rough looking 40 year old dressed in ragged clothes, I was poised in the same position with my two hands on the toilet cistern and my *** arched, my boy ***** was dripping with man‘s *****, the man entered the cubicle he didn’t close the door, he dropped his oil stained jeans and his grey grubby briefs down to his ankles, he wasted no time in positioning his **** at the entrance of my *******, then without warning or consideration for my tight anus he thrusted his **** inside me, the pain as excruciating I screamed out in agony, but in spite of my pleas the man took no heed, I noticed the other man had stayed and standing by the exit door keeping watch in case anyone else
wanted a visit to the toilet, although my boy **** was enduring the insertion of such a large **** which caused me immense pain the other side of me took pleasure that a man wanted to breed me.
Whether or not the man’s time was limited, he was an aggressive ****, eventually my **** hole did respond to the man’s rampant gyration his **** thrusts where fast and furious when he released his **** he’d plunge it back inside me, he grabbed my tights and forcibly pulled my **** filled **** onto his ****.

My love tunnel was in real pain and I was in some discomfort but my **** was in total control of this man, I turned my thoughts into a positive mode by trying to gain gratification in the thought that I was pleasing a sexually frustrated older man, then I heard voices which sounded like the man who finger ****** me and the older man who’d taken the ticket money, then suddenly the man ******* me was on his vinegar stroke his **** was driving deeper inside me. With my cries of pain and the man shouts of ecstasy was a cacophony of sexual composition. Though I was pleased the man didn’t release his **** from my **** after it gone flaccid, he stayed inside me for at least 5 minutes. Eventually the man pulled his flaccid from my *** filled **** then quickly turned around to face the old cashier who was kneeling down ready to lick the droplets of ***** off his ****, I was a bit relieved that I could stand up, then after about 5 minutes the man kneeling
down finished licking all the ***** off man’s **** then he begged me to let him lick the ***** from my *** filled anus, I bent forward to allow the man’s tongue to penetrate my open *******.
The two men used the emergency exit door of the Cinema to leave, the Casher waited for me to dress quickly, luckily I’d brought a spare pair of pink nylon laced panties in my school blazer pocket, otherwise I’d have to have worn my *** soaked knickers. The cashier was a nice man he thanked me for allowing him to tongue my boy ***** then offered me free admittance next time.

He mentioned I was the fourth schoolboy who visited the Cinema recently, with the Cinema being closed until the evening performance I was disappointed because I was as still feeing horny, then I remembered there was a public toilet at the top end of town, with my boy ***** still hungry for more **** and my sexual libido not satisfied I was going to try my luck.
The old Cashier opened the side emergency door which led into a narrow alleyway, I made my way to top end of town to the public toilet it was an old Victorian in design with huge china urinals, the copper water pipes gleaming from regular cleaning, the speckled marble floor had developed cracks over the years. As you entered the public toilet there was a mahogany booth on the right hand side with a small window which was the toilet attendant type of office. He was another elderly gentleman; he didn’t look too bright, as I approached the urinal there was a well dressed man standing in front of one of the urinals, I knew he was looking for some **** by the time he stayed at the urinal, he stood back from the urinal with enough of a view for me to have a glimpse at him stroking his half hard ****, he looked at me and smiled, I undid my school trousers and unzipped my fly the opened my blazer and lifted up my shirt to expose my panties, the man beckoned
me to join in the toilet cubicle, these old cubicles had no opening under the partition they were solid wood built, I said I’d love but what about the toilet attendant, the man assured me he given him a few **** magazines, he knew the score and would keep an eye in case any Police etc were around.
Similar to my last **** encounter I ******** down to my panties and placed them neatly on the toilet cistern, the nicely dressed man undid his belt and dropped his trousers and classic black and white briefs to rest around his ankles then sat on the toilet seat with massive erection, I was so ******* horny and took my knickers off and immediately manoeuvred myself to face him and sit on his lap and guide his **** inside me, my boy **** was wife open after the last **** session. The man undid his shirt and took his tie off so our bodies could rub against each other, he then French kissed me with such lustful passion I nearly came, and sat on his **** for about 10 minutes, then he said it was time for him to **** the *** off me, we stood up, I knew the drill by now I bent forward and arched my bottom and he levelled my bottom with his **** so he could gyrate easily, but as well as ******* he *********** me at the same time, the man’s **** thrust were
quite vigorous and within 5 minutes he ********* d his hot ***** inside my aching *****, but thankfully he continued to ********** me until I had expostulate my *****.

I was surprised the man took his time to get dressed when we were both fully attired the man unlocked the toilet door and checked the coast was clear, he winked at the toilet attendant as we left, the man insisted we meet again it’s not often he has the opportunity to **** such a young ***. I gave the man my address and agreed he’d use cryptic messages.
I met the man a couple of times after our first **** session, it turned out his daughter was in my class in school, he use to give me some of her short skirts and a selection of frilly panties and knickers she’d never worn

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Wow what a day thats is so cool wish I was you getting my *** pounded and filled like that