Most Embarrassing Moment

I think I just updated my "most embarrassing moment" dancing tonight. If you know me well, you'll know that I hardly EVER get embarrassed.  But tonight was an exception.

I was at "Jump, Jive, and Swing," a fun swing and Latin dancing event at a local church.  They bring in a live band and open up a huge dance floor for four hours.  But first, there's a beginner swing dance lesson.  I already know the basics, but it was nice to review.  After the beginner lesson tonight, they also had a beginner cha-cha lesson as well as an intermediate swing lesson at the same time.  I chose the intermediate swing just because I wanted to learn some new swing moves and build on what I already knew.  So we learned a few new moves.  One new one that I learned was the "around the world turn" move.  I tried to find a picture of the move, but I can't find it.  Anyway, it was a bit hard, and I still don't have it down completely, but I got it right about every other time.  We also learned the "dip" move, which is an ending move.  I could find a picture of it, so here it is:

That move is always preceded by the "cuddle up" move, which I got a picture of, but it's formatted wrong, so I unfortunately can't share it.  Google it.  Anyway, after those two lessons, the floor opened up for the rest of the night.  I danced with several ladies and started out with my basic moves that I already knew.  As the night went on, I tried some of the intermediate moves.  Like I said, I got the around the world move sometimes, but sometimes our arms just ended up getting tangled up.  No big deal though.

Towards the end of the night, I danced with someone who, like me, didn't know all the intermediate moves.  This is where the horror story starts.  We were both doing great at first with our basic moves.  As we neared the end of the song and it began to slow down, I decided to try the dip move.  So we cuddled up fine, and after that, I was supposed to swing her over to my other side, which I did.  Then, I'm supposed to get her facing me, so I attempted to do that.  However, she apparently had no idea what I was doing, so I ended up awkwardly grabbing her, or should I say, molesting her.  I grabbed her shoulders and tried to spin her around, and she looked confused, so I kept awkwardly grabbing her, and as she nervously laughed, I explained to her that I was trying to do the dip move.  "How embarrassing!" you may think.  Oh, but this isn't even the bad part yet.

We tried the move again.  We did the cuddle up fine, and instead of turning her around, I attempted to kneel down and dip her down in the direction we already were (we were both facing the same direction).  ATTEMPTED was the key word here.  Anyway, I crouched down, leaned her back, and as soon as I blinked, she was face down on the floor!  I freaking DROPPED HER!  In front of all these other dancers of all different skill levels.  She screamed a little as she was being dropped, but laughed and thanked me for the dance as she stood up.  I nervously laughed and said, "I'm so sorry..."  At least she was a good sport about it.  I walked off the dance floor, my face probably redder than a fire truck, feeling humiliated.

Fortunately, I didn't hear anyone laugh or even react to this mishap.  I made no eye contact with anyone while walking away, so I have no idea if anyone saw us.  After a few songs, I eventually got back on the dance floor though.  I wasn't going to be that big of a sissy and just run away and cry, even though part of me wanted to do just that.  I simply never tried the dip again.  Also, fortunately, the ladies actually danced with me (I was afraid that after that, they would all be afraid to dance with me).

Anyway, I've thought about it and who screwed up, and I think I know what happened now.  For her to keep her balance, she's supposed to put her arms around my neck.  She didn't do that.  So it was really both of our faults.  She should have put her arms around my neck, and I should have known better than to dip her down WITHOUT her arms around my neck.  I guess the good thing about the experience is that I'll never make that mistake again!  I definitely want to learn the move correctly though.

Just out of curiosity, since this is a dancing group, can anyone tell me how to properly do this move?  I know it's a common move in all partner dancing, not just swing.

RopinTexan RopinTexan
22-25, M
Sep 16, 2012