Jesus the Musical

go on youtube and search "jesus the musical" it is hysterical. i love humor like that. also i saw this picture recently of jesus on the cross. he was making a Y then there were people next to him do M C A.  i couldn't stop laughing.
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lol@ Benis Jason mewes is a hawtie

If you haven't seen dogma then just google "buddy christ" lol it's great.<br />
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And I'm sure Jesus could laugh at himself. The least you can do is laugh with him XD Everytime I see him on the cross I wanna hug him, cuz i feel like he's saying, "Guys! Don't leave me hangin.." Bahaha


ok i like dark humor too but when jesus is involved that's just nasty and wrong and not funny at all

The YMCA photo cracked me up too. It's sooo wrong and sooo funny.