Dark Humor

    Good Evening (will it's actually morning). My name is Roge (which is Egor spelled backwards). I am here to tell you that I and my Master the Count, sell Dark Humor.  Our business used to be in Blood Lust, however the Master has gotten to long in the tooth and does not move as sensually as he used to. Actually I've told him many times he needs to use Geritol and get some cosmetic surgery for those fine lines and wrinkles and... Hmm, I must get back to the subject. Anyway, people l-o-v-e dark humor. It is so sinful isn't it? To be able to laugh at off-color-jokes is so human, no?  I personally do not see it, but then I am of the living dead, an entirely different species.  Our dark humor is unlike any dark humor you have ever heard because ours is not of your world, but of ours. The underworld you could say...We are eager to fullfill our quota and tickle your funny bone, to watch your pulse quicken at your throat as you laugh at our jokes. To see that vein throb in your neck...ah well, I get over stimulated just thinking what fun we'll... I mean you'll have.  We have a web site www.laughtilludie.org.  E-mail us and we will set up a meeting with you. My Master and I look forward to personally greeting you. HA HA HA....

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Elaborate Please, on your dark humorous life EILagarto

If you like dark humor you'd really get a kick out of my life.