The Grim Reaper's Lust

The Grim Reapers Lust

What happen to her sweet little soul..
The grim reaper came and her sweetness he stole.
Turned her wings from white to black.
When she was her weakest
the sick beast attacked.
Ripping her dress and taring her bra,
the grim reapers lust was tradgicaly raw.
He took a princess and destroyed her gold 
ruined her riches and 
flipped over her world.
He took over her castle and broke everything.
The once beautiful maiden will no longer sing. 
Like she used to do days before,
Humming and dancing across the floor. 
Twirling and smiling and spreading her cheer, 
Everyone loved when she was near.
All she does now is cry.
Some days she even wants to die.
She misses herself oh so much.
She misses the soft side of a mans touch.
Her world was friendship and laughter and fun.
Now she's lucky if she sees the sun.
She doesn't deserve this misery.
All she wants is to feel free..
RavensHeart RavensHeart
36-40, F
3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I too danced with the reaper. Give it time and you will recover and grow stronger in the end for having endured it.

Thank you very much. It was good to get the words out. Writing this was a healthy release and it did help.

Oh my I could feel everything written here ... oh the pain.... I hope writing this helped you.

Thank you :) it helped to be able to see it as it really was, no sugar coatings.It's not like I couldn't deny it once I was done writing it because those words all came from me... To see the dark truths and face them for what they really were was the begining of my healing journey.

Don't dance with the reaper but beyond even that, never dance with his cat!
"She doesn't deserve this misery; All she wants is to feel free ..."
All that is undeserved needs to be shunned upon that day her freedom is won.
The wretched can and will change the world and our world view, lest we not be aware.
I really like this poem, it struck some chords that I had to express first. I like how one enters this poem and enters sort of a downward spiral to the end which leaves a bit of an opening.

Thank you vm