In Most All Things

I've said in other posts that I'm a Dark Pagan. I first came to Paganism through Wicca.. but found it too much invested in Light and Happiness for my comfort. It seemed to me that there was too much emphasis on it, and that night and the destructive side of nature had been pushed aside. Dawn, the mid-day sun and rainbows are all wonderous things, as are walking through a sunlit forest. But there is also a beauty in standing at the edge of a mountain with nothing alive around you, gazing out in all directions... or standing in the center of a thunderstorm. Balance is important in all things. I feel drawn to the darkness more than the light, but I don't forsake one for the other. I often find myself more interested in the "bad" guys in movies or on television. For some reason, the typical 'hero' character is boring. You know they're gonna do the right thing, save the day, blah blah blah. But with the "bad" character, there's a sense of you don't know what way they're gonna jump next. That is more interesting. The only downside with that is it's often the "bad" guys who end up dying at the end. There is a mystery in the darkness. Gotta love it!
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I had a similar path through paganism. It's good to hear that me and the one other person I know of who has are not the only ones. If you want to talk religion sometime, that would be cool. :)

I have never seen it said with more truth.