To Be With Him

When I daydream, I like to daydream about being with a guy I like. I daydream about kissing him, what it would feel like if he were to nuzzle on my neck. What it would be like if we dated, that kind of thing. I like to daydream about feel, I always wonder about what it would feel like to be stabbed, so I daydream about being stabbed by the him, would the pain be from having been stabbed by the guy I adored and liked so much? Or would it be the physical pain of having just had a metal blade shoved through my arm?
Well, I mostly like daydreaming because I can be with the guy of my dreams, and live a perfectly happy life, it all feels so good, except that it's all in my head and that sadly I'm living in reality. I like to daydream about the guy I like in general, I like daydreaming about a time I saw him at a track meet. Dressed in all black, his arms folded neatly across his chest, his broad shoulders, the serious look on his face, the rain lightly falling, his strong broad form, his jet black hair...
Every time I daydream, I go into the perfect life in my head, him and I, just doing everything! Traveling the world, having romantic dinners in Paris, snorkeling in the Bahamas, drinking Pina Coladas in Hawaii, and then settling down eventually in a beautiful house, him working doing whatever he wants, me staying home playing sweet songs as I clean and cook his meals, and when he gets home, us dancing in kitchen as we clean the dishes, and then him leaning over and kissing me...everything's just so perfect when I escape into my daydreams. It's just so beautiful. Not cheesy, simply beautiful.
emilysemilypemily emilysemilypemily
18-21, F
Aug 11, 2010