Hey guys..
So I've never told anyone this because I've always been really ashamed.. Since I was a kid I've had a really low self esteem and always wanted to be like everyone else, just not me. I'm not exactly sure when but I started day dreaming, basically to escape from being me. But over the years I've Carried on, before I'd daydream about having amazing adventures and now I imagine I'm someone else completely and I have great friends, family and boyfriend..
I'm so embarrassed! It's sounds so pathetic. Anyway I've recently found out its not that uncommon witch makes me feel better about it.. But I'd like to stop because it distracts me from my studies and because my "imaginary friends" are better I never go out and hang out with real people.. I have social anxiety so I find it really hard to make friends and get out of the house..
morticiansdaughter6 morticiansdaughter6
18-21, F
Aug 20, 2014