I Am Looking For Deep Thinkers Who Would Like Deep Conversations

If you are interested in Buddhism, Hinduism, The Upanishads, The Advaita Vedanta, or Comparative Religion, Philosophy, Non Duality, or any ancient scripts, new scripts, anything that makes one think, even quantum mechanics, then I would like to have you as a friend.
This is a non religious request. I just want to befriend some deep thinkers who like to have conversations about such things, and present their own point of view, without "bashing" others for a different viewpoint.
I am not an academic. I'm just a lay Zen Buddhist (and new at that) who has an inquisitive mind and an ongoing quest for learning, so if you think you might enjoy some deep conversation/s about the above or maybe introduce new topics of conversation, where we have a mutual interest, then I will be happy to get to know you.
Please just make sure you have some information about yourself on your profile, and preferably have at least a story or two so that I know where your interests lay. They do not have to be about any of the topics mentioned. I am a multi faceted human being with many interests, so lets see if we can have some interesting conversations.

Carissimi Carissimi
56-60, F
Sep 6, 2012