Pretty Straight Forward

Stick it in a deep fryer and I will try it. Food items only and within reason of course - lol
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16 Responses Aug 17, 2011

Deep-fried cheesecake?

Sure :)

I like any kind of calmari. Fried is great though :)

I like fried calamari- yummy;)

Yummy. I heard of deep fried cheesecake recently - lol<br />
Nothings out of bounds.

I went to a "taste of" festival not long ago and had a deep fried brownie. It was so delicious!

No Bassy unfortunately too much is deep fried :P

I think it's like anything else.....all things in moderation.
Well....almost all things - lol

Deep fried ice cream? :P

I love deep fried ice cream !!

Is there anything down south that isn't deep fried? - lol<br />
<br />
deep fried mac and cheese :)

Deep Fried Oreos ?? you need to come on down south there is lots of good fried food :)

Deep fried snickers!!

Deep fried Twinkie ?

I'll never tell ;)

When the tailgate drops the bullsh*t stops. - lol<br />
<br />
If it flies, it dies.<br />
<br />
How am I doing?

I tried some deep fried insects a few years back. I suppose that's a little unusual. On a more "normal" note there's a restaurant near me that deep fries their perogies. Oh, I had deep fried alligator once. Tastes like chicken - lol

The winner of the Dallas state fair won with deep fried beer last year ! It looked like a ravioli filled with beer and deep fried !!<br />
<br />
I AM a southern boy FM. Haven't you read my "I am from the south story"????<br />

I saw on tv that some state fair serves deep fried butter. Sounds gross but I would totally try it.