The Invisible Domains

I read this awhile back, and it has stuck with me, so I'd like to share it with you all...

(from The Book of Secrets, Secret #9)


"How Awareness Unfolds from the Source

Pure being: The domain of the Absolute, pure awareness before it acquires any qualities at all.  The state before creation.  This is not actually a separate domain since it permeates everything.

Conditioned bliss: The domain of awareness as it begins to become conscious of its own potential.

Love: The motivating force in creation.

Knowingness: The domain of inner intelligence. 

Myth and archetypes: The collective patterns of society.  This is the domain of gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, male and female energy.

Intuition: The domain where the mind understands the subtle mechanics of life.

Imagination: The domain of creative invention.

Reason: The domain of logic, science, and mathematics.

Emotion: The domain of feelings.

Physical body: The domain of sensation and the five senses.

Which of these realms is truly spiritual?  They all interconnect, yet you can observe quite often that people camp out in one realm or another, and having found their special place, they also find spirit there.

...To get to a new level of explanation, you have to transcend the level you are on, to go beyond it.  If you can acknowledge that going beyond is something you do every day, there is no great reason to use materialism as a club to beat spirituality over the head.  The material world can be your base level of experience or not.  The other levels are available by transcending, or going beyond your base level, as you are doing this second when your brain turns chemistry into thoughts.

So the real question is what domain you wish to live in.  To me, the ideal life is lived on all levels of consciousness.  Your attention is not bounded or narrow; you open yourself to the whole of awareness.  You have an opportunity to live such a life, but by focusing on one or two levels only, you've caused yourself to atrophy.  They have been squeezed out of your awareness, and thus your ability to transcend is much diminished...

Each dimension of your existence has its own purpose, offering a level of fulfillment that is not available anywhere else (these are the 'flavors of creation').  In completely expanded awareness, every dimension is accessible."

To me, the ideal life is lived on all levels of consciousness.


I feel as if I've now visited, however briefly, all of these areas, and I strive to live my life by touching as many of these levels as I can.  Sometimes I camp out in one area for awhile before moving on to another.. it seems a challenge to try and find a good balance amongst them all.

I'd like to hear your thoughts...

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Happy EP Anniversary to you, too!! You are one of the reasons I am so grateful for this site, dear sister swan. Your friendship has made a real difference in my life (((luvs and hugs))). It was March 30, 2008 that I did a google search of support groups for highly sensitive people and wound up here, lol. This one act changed my life forever.. it just had to be fate :)

Wow--a one year anniversary! Congratulations & looking forward to that story you're gonna write. Hearing you say this made me look up my first visit. It was March of 2008. I guess that means the same amount of time for me too...

Thank you, sister swan! I really love this 'map' because it helps me to see or get an idea of how far expansion of our awareness can go. If we get too focused in one area or another, it gets difficult to see the other areas, perhaps. For me it is a reminder to keep 'backing up' or expanding (remaining open) in order to embrace as much of our experiences as possible. It seems to take much practice to remain free enough to move amongst these areas without too much effort or getting hung up somewhere.<br />
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Doing stories and making comments here at EP, and the online conversations I have with you and other friends here all do really help me to 'keep those sparks alive'! I think I can honestly say I've never felt so passionately about anything in my life, as my pursuit into the realms of spirituality.. which I am learning encompasses *everything*!! I am nearly at my one year anniversary of coming here to EP, and I can truly say that this has changed my life, in so many ways. In fact, I'm gearing up to write a story about it!

Hi Dee, <br />
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I love this 'map' of the territory! <br />
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This quote makes a lot of sense to me: "Which of these realms is truly spiritual? They all interconnect, yet you can observe quite often that people camp out in one realm or another, and having found their special place, they also find spirit there." <br />
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Yeah, 'spirit' is everywhere and in each lifeform. To me, this means it all wants our attention, and its all 'worthy' of our availability. Doesn't mean we gotta like it all, nor that we will be at ease (or feel warm & fuzzy about everything!) but just that the more we can remain present with what arises, with what we find----the more 'spirit' we experience. The more our BEINGNESS can simply be. <br />
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I always love your story conversations. Keep those sparks alive and they will draw us to their glow...