Im Adopted.

Im adopted. 
And always in my mind is that question "Why did my parents give me up?" 
What is so wrong with me? Maybe they didnt have money, maybe they didnt give me up and I was taken by social services. I dont know why they gave me away, and it frustrates me. How can I know who I am when I don't remember much from my childhood? How can i know who I am when I don't even know myself. I wish that maybe someday I can meet my real mother, to ask her all these questions.. But at the same time I love the mom that I have now, and I wouldnt give her up for anything. She has taught me so much, loved me, and raised me to be a better person. Somewhere out in this world, I have a dad and a mom, I always wonder are they thinking of me? do they remember me? :( just alot of stupid thoughts.
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Jan 19, 2012