This Is What I Look Like And What I Am Like

my height is 5'4
I've been told that im hot by... *counting* 14 girls in my school.
people say that I'm perfectly skinny, not to skinny, not fat.
im not a blonde
my hair is pitch black
my eyes are dark green
i usually take 5 minutes to pick out what I'm gonna wear today.
I have a summer job.
im a gamer. I dont let my gaming get in the way of my grades.
my parents arent as strict as other parents are.
i dont have a girlfriend
i live in a house with my little sister Lucia (who everyone calls Lucy) and my parents
my house has 3 rooms and big living room 4 bathrooms
my parents are usually away on business trips so me and Lucy are usually alone
did i forget to mention that i'm 15 years old?
Lucy is 13 years old
nitehunter69 nitehunter69
13-15, M
Dec 12, 2012