Recently, someone asked me what airport I was flying from (for a visit home). Rather than just answer “JFK”, I decided to give a more detailed answer. Here is the text I sent:

“My flight home is tomorrow, from JFK- you know, he’s that overrated president who not only had an adulterous relationship with American icon Marilyn Monroe, who was later found dead, under very suspicious circumstances, of “acute barbituate poisoning”, but himself got his brains blown out of his skull and into his wife’s lap while foolishly riding in an open-topped car in a celebratory parade in Texas by a shadowy individual named Lee Harvey Oswald, who fired the fatal shot while hiding in the town suppository and in turn was murdered in cold blood, fittingly enough, by a sleazy night-club owner named Jack Ruby, who stated that he became enraged upon seeing Oswald’s shrewd, ferret-like face, which prompted him to kill him without warning, a crime which did not make it to court, as Ruby was soon hospitalized and subsequently died of cancer.”
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Wow, that's a.... Very enlightening answer lol

lol, I actually had an elective class in Middle School called "Famous Assassinations" A lot of this I know from there.