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Everything made has been designed by someone, whether the designer has been made famous or not. I actually don't prefer the expensive things. I prefer the cheaper things. There are a few brands that sell expensive things that I buy and buy from no other. But for the most part, I buy the cheaper things.

It is also hard because I have to find things that can fit me and things that won't conflict with my sensitivities or senses because of how I was born.

My favorite brand of perfume, even though I hardly wear perfume, is Estee Lauder. My favorite stores to buy rings that can fit me and fashion accessories are Amuse, Claire's and Accessorize. My favorite store to buy gloves that can fit me and coats and socks that can fit me since I have to keep warm every day is Target. My favorite stores that impressively have clothes in my XS, XXS, or 2P size are Old Navy, Charlotte Russe and H & M. It is cheap and fancy at Charlotte Russe, ordinary designs and average prices at Old Navy and nice/fancy and expensive at H & M.

At Claire's, Amuse and Accessorize, the employees look for rings that can fit me and as many as possible, not just to make the sales but because it is so hard to find me rings that can fit so if they can find it, they have me try it on. And sometimes the metal bands have to be cut and rebound by the managers to fit me if I really want it and it's a tad too big.

I think people lose sight of the most basic concept. Everything that comes into existence be it food, fashion, automotive, electronic, landscaping, etc. all have designers behind them because you have to first come up with the idea before it can turn into a project. So to not like designers or designer brands is to not like anything at all. There are plenty of designers I like. I just don't know most of their names. And I prefer to stick with the designers whose products are affordable to the majority rather than attainable to the elite few.

Most amazing find I got was I got a ring that cost less than three dollars at Claire's but because of how big the clear rhinestone was - the size you'd see on a celeb literally -, someone stole it cause she thought it was real and wanted to pawn it, but returned it when I told her how much it cost. Some make great things and keep them affordable to others.

I'm not a cheapie but I do respect money and the saving and spending trades of it. Especially if something is made by someone who is not famous but they just wanna make money.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Jan 11, 2013