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There are so many punishments out there just no one likes to share them i think there needs to be a list of times of what the baby should have to do all day like the feedings and the changing and the punishments if you don't Liston to your daddy or mommy. so lets start off with number one

PUNISHMENTS FOR CRIMES this is where you all come in well who ever joins the group :)

1. if you take your diaper off....what should you be made to do or what could you use to keep the diaper on so they couldn't take it off?
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I like Duct tape over the diaper only Not touching the skin. Then the diaper has to be cut off with ( rounded nose ). scissors before baby can be cleaned up and then Spanned for being Bad, you Nayghty girl !

Put stiff mittens on those hands and secure the mittens so the arms couldn't go down past the belly button.

I would have a dress made from rigid plastic like the plastic washing bowls and laundry baskets are made from with a big wide smooth plastic tu-tu skirt that when locked tightly around the waist prevents baby from interfering with anything below her waist.<br />
see: http://s3.amazonaws.com/ep_albums/1323289019/214241/cahbo.png<br />
And if I thought she was being wilful being fed laxatives and lots of water then left to become very smelly.<br />
BTW I would do the same to sissy boys but as by that stage I'd call them girls anyway.

diapers put on with wide gray packaging tape and babies hands keep in mitts with no fingers

I would make you sit naked in the shower for an hour every time you took off your diaper.

To keep the diaper on I would use locking diaper pins for cloth diaperings and for cloth diaperings and disposable diaperings I would use locking plastic diaper pants.. I would also lock the bathroom doors. I would also do 30min to an hour diaper checks to see if they are wet or messy, but also to check to see that they have their diapers and locking plastic pants on at all times. If that diaper and or plastic pants happen to be wrongfully removed. It's OTK bare bottom spanking w/ the hand first and then a good hard paddling, then cornertime and the promise to add humiliation, like wifes can make their husbands were pink plastic pants and pink diaper pins, socks, onsies ect and the women will have to wear a paci cliped on their shirt or blouse& especially wear short skirts making there diapers visible in public. Diaper checks will now be performed in public, like in the check out line of the grocery store. Maybe if permitted public diaper changes, early bedtime to the crib, rectal punishment. Wow, I could go on and on about this. The list in my mind is endless. When I have time I may add to it later.