Girls Diapers

you talk about girls diapers they also make me feel good to i have some girls diapers and i wear them regularly i wear my girls diapers with adultbaby pink plastic pants and frilly one to last night i wore a pair of girls diapers with frilly plastic pants wow they feel good and i enjoy them alot i mite seem a sissy but i don't think so i have fetish for them like my adultbaby plastic panties with baby prints on them i like to be your friend and share
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3 Responses Jan 27, 2011

I'm a girl and it is crowded down there without that ahem between my legs after a bottom explosion. Disposables make the diapers blow up and puff up, the nylon panties and then a diaper would be the best solutions for dudes, I think. Then bm could come and be enjoyed and wetting would be fun too!

I am seeking a baby lady not a baby dude but thanks for the offer. Sucking on a pair of lushess ******* and smootching on a wet ***** is my joy no doubt.

As far as "girls' diapers" go, I love the idea of putting on a diaper that a beautiful woman has worn... and wet...

If girls diapers make you happy, good... but is there enough room for, you know who in that small crotch? And what about anything else like a BM, I bet it gets crowded in there?!<br />
Have you tried ladies nylon undies and then a diaper over, I bet that would help everything expand, lol.