Coming Back To An Old Friend

I am a diaper lover, but used to wear them more frequently. My interests change over time. Now I mostly wear diapers when I use my aneros prostate toy. It helps keep the toy in place and is helpful in case things get a little messy.
The other night I wore a depends to bed planning to do an aneros session first thing on waking in the morning. The aneros was feeling good, but I realized my bladder was too full and it would probably feel better if I emptied. I was lying on my back with my knees up. I let a little out, then a little more. I love the feeling of warm pee trickling over my smooth shaved crotch, between my thighs and down my butt crack. The trickle became a stream and the diapers became warm and squishy. Love that. I gently slapped the front of my diaper over my balls. A nice thump, thump sound and rhythmic feeling that was setting my **** to twitching.
I played a little more with the aneros, which did feel much better with the pressure relieved. And having soggy balls and bottom was an added pleasure. Good thing I had a towel and waterproof pad under me too. The towel was sopping wet.
things were pretty warm and tingly down there, so I started stroking myself and came to nice finish with heavenly afterglow. I lay there soaking it all in and soaking in it all.
getting up I walked over to the mirror feeling the full diaper sag and sway, giving it a few little pats for fun. I love it when I get reacquainted with a friend I haven't been paying as much attention to lately. I'll be scheduling some more wet activities for sure.
LittleTimmyP LittleTimmyP
61-65, M
Aug 5, 2010