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College Girl In Pull Ups

I am in college, and live a regular life. I don't think I have any weird aspect of me either. But have always wanted the chance to wear diapers or pull ups again. When I was little I would wet my bed in hopes my mom would introduce me to pull ups since I wore plastic washable diapers when I was a baby, but it never worked. I used to steal my little cousins diapers, pull ups, Good Nites, (since I have always been pretty small I could still fit) anything I could and wear them, pee and then sit around in them, I love looking at the ruffled cuff around my legs and the bulge it creates. When I got my license I bought some Good Nites for girls, the ones that fit up to 125 lbs, and started to wear them to bed and then pee in them when I had to and hide them from my mom. I was scared of how I would throw them away though so would always double bag them and throw them in the trash outside or at dumpsters in front of businesses. I couldn't get enough of them and soon tried pooping and I loved the bulge that the poop created, the squish of it between my cheeks, and the mess it made.

I love to lay infront of a floor length mirror and recreate me getting diapered, wipes, new pull up on, then putting tight panties on top so that the ruffled cuffs show, but the bulge doesn't show in jeans and shorts too much so I can go out in public, plus the tightness of the panties makes sure to hug the diaper or pull up against my skin so I can feel the wetness. I went to class today with a size 6 baby diaper, underwear, and leggings on, but had to wear shorts over them so people couldn't see the bulge. The diaper didn't fit lengthwise so at first I was going to wear two and kind of double it up in the middle but the bulge was too noticeable.I resorted to using that diaper, wearing it till it was time to go in, and at the last minute in the parking lot I pulled it off. It felt so great that I was distracted the whole time. I went to the bathroom and knowing that I had to "change my diaper" excited me so much that after wards I went straight to Walgreens to buy some Good Nites that fit me better. I couldn't even wait to go home. I drove to a dark corner and put them on with just my leggings on top so I could see the bulge better, and peed. I filled it up so much that I wet thru the pull up and even my pants were soaking wet and my seat was too. I put another pull up on over the first one and finished peeing. I tried so hard to poop but couldn't.
All I could think about for about an hour was pooping. I like the feeling of it being in public and not behind closed doors the most I think. As soon as I got home I sat in front of the mirror and just stared and fantasized about someone else putting a diaper and baby powder on me. I like the bulge and squish against my privates. I still couldn't poop. I put on a new pull up and went pee again. I wanted to poop so bad that I resorted to squirting Hershey's Chocolate Syrup all over in the inside of my already peepeed pull up and pulled it back up. It squished and looked like poop if I spread my legs "to check for poop" like parents do on babies. I even "checked for poo poo" by pulling the pull up away from my back. The brown on my back and privates got me excited. I tried to poop for real so bad and finally did, but it was barely any and didn't even squish thru my crack like I was hoping for all night. I changed myself again and showered only to step out and diaper myself with a fresh pull up like a big girl would on the pull up commercials. I used one of the size 6 baby diapers (they didn't fit) on top of the pull up and used the back of it (with the tape sides) and taped it to the front of the pull up and used regular tape to tape the front underneath my butt so that when I looked down I saw baby designs and it actually looked like a real diaper.
I want to find some big diapers with baby designs that tape in front like a real baby diaper, not the fasteners on adult diapers that are available. I am in bed now, with a wet diaper and it feels so good. I made sure to drink a lot of water so that I will wake up in the middle of the night, only to pee and warm my privates with my pee then go back to sleep, and hopefully do the same thing in the morning. Good thing I doubled up so I don't leak all over my bed.

Am I weird for wanting and having these thoughts? It just feels so good against me and I like the look. But I can't tell my friends and family or they will not talk to me and think I have gone crazy. I mean after all I am 23, and been out of diapers for like 21 years now.
wendythediapergirl wendythediapergirl 22-25, F 76 Responses Dec 9, 2011

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Hi Wendy. I would love to meet a girl like you. You are not alone.

hey wendy! i personally don't think there is anything actually WRONG with this, it's just a fetish and everyone has one! there are a lot of other people however that will find peeing or pooping themselves strange or even gross though... i think the biggest reason for this is b/c they've never tried it, seriously. I've actually noticed more and more that this fetish we both share (I'm sitting in a messed diaper as i write this ;D) IS becoming more and more socially acceptable as the internet continues to open up peoples minds, not to mention all the people that keep it hidden! i really wish that it was more acceptable now though bc it is so damn good.. we share almost the exact same story though, i too can't bring myself around to tell any of my family or friends about this... and that really sucks bc it does make you feel and question if what we're doing is wrong. i've only been able to tell 2 girls about this and for the most part they weren't serious g/f's nor were they well associated with my serious friends. i had limited success with both of them... one didn't want anything to do with it and the other never got into it. she was willing to try on a diaper but that was pretty much it... not to loose sight of ur question but my exp in this doesn't mean that there is no one out there who will accept you for what you like! i would LOVE to meet you! and i know i'm not the only one. keep your chin up and diaper full LoL bc nothing about what you LIKE is wrong! if more people would just try this they would understand WHY we like doing such a thing and thats simple- bc it feels great to do it! hit me up sometime if you ever wanna just talk about this stuff, doesn't have to be a sexual thing with me neither :) sorry to write u a book of a response 2 LoL

If you'd want someone to change you I'd be fine with it. I'll even change a poopy one if it happens.

Nothing wrong or abnormal about this. I am glad that it makes you happy. Any time you want to talk, or need help? Give me a shout.

cute :3

Great read. Not weird

i think you are fine as i would like to too!

you a man? but you only 14

u r totally normal for liking that I was in your shoes once thinking I was the only one who liked doing that I found out there r many people like you and me in the world during my freshman year in high school when I was 14 so u r not weird in any way u r special and don't let anyone try and tell u different like it says on my high school ring look to the future and UNITED WE STAND!

cool storie.would you add me as a friend i like wearing diapers too

U should try blowing up a balloon and tying it then peeing in a diaper then bounce on the balloon it feels so good or get somebody 2 blow the balloon up in the diaper=D

U need to marry me lol ohh god

Try abuniverse they have adult diapers that look and fasten like a baby diapers

i was watching white collar all night, and was drinking wine. my mom had went to bed like an hour before. i had the urge to pee so i grabbed one of my sister's drynights and sat back down. i held it until i was about to cry, then i let go! OMG!!! it felt SOO GOOD!!!! i wore jeans over it so if it leaked, it wouldnt get all over. it kinda made me feel hot! im glad im not the only one that likes this kinda thing! im going to try to poop when my parents go out of town and im here alone ;)

You are amazing. You are not weird. Just last night I told a girl my fantasy...well fettish and she now wants to diaper me. I cannot wait until the day she changes me. Getting hard just thinking about it. Thanks for the story

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i would like to wear some without my parents knowing. you should stay in the same pamper for the whole day it feels so good.

It's not wrong in any way. And anyone who thinks otherwise needs to ***** in a ****** with a ***** alongside a ********. You see how I feel about the topic, i'm totally for it. Sounds Completely Normal!

Love the story I would love to talk

You are exactly like me <3 the feeling of being in diapers from the longest I can remember this post is mmmm.... Love it. Talk to me some time

diaper fetishes are awesome, so no, you're not weird

Oh my god perfect, love the details of you diaper and leggins xx

Its not weird I do it to

Try Bambinos! They can have cute designs and are like baby diapers. Great story!

Sounds like good fun!! Nothing weird at all, just the way you are (and please don't change!) Just enjoy the lifestyle - it won't go away! :)

No sweetheart there's nothing weird about it I've had a strong love for diapera as long as I can remember long before I even knew I loved diapers and I also took them from eny place I could you just do what makes you deal good

ur perfectly normal I want to try diapers bit idk any girls who would try it with me lol. if u ever want to talk feel free to message me

i would change your diaper anytime

You are most definitely not weird! You are not alone in having those feelings. I think that girls in diapers are beautiful! It's a turn on for me, and I'm sure for other guys as well

Can you check out my story cuz it's a lot like this one :D

i love diapers too