My Boyfriend And Diapers

So, last year, I purchased my first adult diapers online. Last year, I also began my first relationship, too.
I was rather shy about my interest in diapers but I would confide this interest in a few of my closest friends who would either shrug it off or playfully tease me about it.
A few months after dating my boyfriend (several of those months were long distance), I really wanted to order a sample pack of diapers online. I got them and already wanted to buy more. Yet, if I wanted to continue my diaper wearing, I knew I would have to confess it to my boyfriend some day. I tried a few times to tell him about it, like exchanging secrets between each other, but when I tried to tell him, I got extremely nervous and shy and would abruptly change the subject.
I went to go visit him for his birthday and it was around that time that he eventually found out about my fetish. He and I were chillin' out in his living room late at night and I was acting rather childish and silly. He called me a "cubby" and started speaking to me in baby talk. I was rather embarrassed and thought his teasing would end, but it didn't. He thought I was acting cute and then asked me to draw him and I as little kids. I love drawing him pictures and he loves receiving them, so I whipped up one for him. He wanted to be drawn as a toddler (not in diapers) but I drew myself younger with padding on. I gave him the picture, he looked at it, smiled, then paused and asked if I drew myself in diapers. I said "yes" and he just gave me that "oh, I /see/!" sort of grin.
I didn't straight out tell him I liked wearing them, but just asked if he would be comfortable with me wearing them around him. He told me he wouldn't mind and then made it clear that he wouldn't participate in wearing them himself or changing me.
Fast forward several months or so...
We live together now and he still doesn't mind my diaper wearing. Sometimes he will even put them on me and dress me. He babies me from time to time and even encourages me to wear them. I've pressed a few times that maybe he should try one on, (I would like to see what he looks like in one :3) but he says it's not for him, which is alright too.
I've also taken pictures of myself in a big t-shirt with my diaper poking out, and he enjoys my silly photos and thinks they are cute. I am so relieved that he accepts (and participates in) this part of my life. :D
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He's very lucky. I would love to find a girl who enjoys wearing diapers.

I'm certain you will one day. :D Even though my boyfriend doesn't wear them, it's still grand to have someone that's accepting of it. :) Good luck to you!

Acceptance, and a little participation....not bad. Some people are just completely freaked out by luck, and congratulations.

Thank you very much! :D

It's good that he accepts you and let's you wear them. I just wish my girlfriend would accept me wanting to wear them :-/

Are you not allowed to wear them around her? D:

She doesn't like them. I sent her I pic of me wearing 1 and she almost broke up with me for it.

Had you not pushed the envelope a little bit, you probably wouldn't have made the progress that you have, so congrats on having to the courage to come forward, even if you were a little shy about it at first. <br />
<br />
As for your BF wearing, it might be nice, but it shouldn't be a requirement. It just seems that those that are not into it ARE NOT into it, for the most part. A diaper does not a diaper-lover make...<br />
<br />
Be happy that you've got a friend to share this little special pleasure with! Others go a lifetime alone with their little secret.

Thank you very much. :)

Yes, I understand. If you're not into it, you're not into it. Although the idea may be nice, I'm not going to force him to do something he is uncomfortable with. :)