Diapers Versus Pull-ups

I have a few questions and need your expertise. Are pull ups considered diapers? What do you prefer and why? How long have you been wear them? Thanks everyone. I wear both diapers and pull ups. If I am going to be out for long periods of time or sleeping, I want a diaper otherwise I wear a pull up.
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41-45, M
2 Responses May 12, 2012

Yesh For Along Time I've Considered Diapers To Be Diapers And Pull-ups I Wasn't Sure But My Woman Knows I Wear Them 24/7 Wen I Have Them
I Asked Her To Wear Them With Me And She Said Babe I Won't Wear Diapers
So Yeah If U Do Wanna Know I Think As Well I Agree With RustyZipper

I think that if they're made to be peed in, they're diapers.