Diapered My Best Friend

So as you may have figured out my favourite fetish is diapers! I'm also a switch and while I usually like to be on the bottom when it comes to relationships with girls I made an exception for my best friend Amy.
Amy looks a lot like me (in fact we are often confused for sisters) except she is blonde and a little smaller. She also has a boyish chest which makes her absolutely ADORABLE in diapers!
When it came to diapers, Amy had already shared a lot of other fetishes together so it didn't take long for me to convince her to be my little baby! I would diaper her, make her suck my pink paci and spank her when she was naughty. When she got hungry, I fed her with a baby bottle or made her suckle my breasts (although i wasn't lactating, it was still fun and made us both really hot). Of course, she had to do a lot of peeing and ******* in her diapers too and she didn't always do it willingly!
Amy also makes a great baby/diaper slave. I loved tying her to the bed and making her *** in her diapers with a vibrator, whether she wanted to or not! I might say more about that in another story another time though.
Amy is the one girl who I have never let dominate me and never will. Even when she isn't in diapers she still knows i'm the one and charge and we both know it's going to stay that way!
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great story what kind of diapers do you use?

Great story - can't beat diaper sex :)

I bet you guys have a lot of fun ;P

That is some wonderful relationship you have :)

A Real Cool Story!! I love Both of your Stories!! Can we be Diaper Friends too? Thanks

Really nice story, It excites me to put a picture in my mind of you and Amy together.

great story

now thats a loving relatonship

Terrific story! I loved it. You had a great experience with Amy, I hope you have many more.<br />
<br />