My Diaper Story

Looking back, I don't know where my love of diapers comes from, but I do know that I have been wearing them off and on for the last decade or so. I love the feeling of a wet diaper, and the freedom to be able to pee wherever I like. The one thing I wish was that diapers that weren't bland (white, or cloth like) came in bigger sizes. I barely squeeze into Goodnites for Girls L/XL, with about 50% of them tearing before I get them on. Any recommendations?
tbombwils tbombwils
26-30, M
2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Reassure Overnight pullups from HDIS. They're still white, but they've got good absorbtion and should fit your adult frame better, with a fairly lowrise waist and super snug fit (35" waist - mediums work great for me). Since they're "overnights", they hold a great amount during the day. If you saturate one during the day, pull it down and go like a big boy.

There are some adult diapers for adult diaper lovers that are far from bland. Check out Bambinos. I'm currently wearing a nice, large adult diaper with adult wetting capacity with wonderful prints of baby blocks and bears. That's only one option!