I Am A Dominant Woman And Keep My Boy Friend As A Baby 24/7

Hi, all you hungry little baby's. Nanny is here.

Imagine yourself in my arms cuddled against my breasts with a bottle teat in your mouth and nanny looking down on you with love in her eyes and a sweet smile for baby.

This is all available for you at my nursery.

I am bABy Bunnykins mummy and love him very much, we run the thaiadultbabynursery.com where babies can come for a holiday and be treated 24/7 as a baby, we also have nanny's that help out so you will never be able to get in trouble.

Nanny has a special Christmas gift for you.

Phone/Skype time with Nanny. 1 1/2 hours online with mummy for $45, this is an unbeatable deal.

Nanny will bathe you, change you, read you a story, feed you a bottle or food or both, put you down for a sleep in the cot, play with you in the playpen and much much more.

Contact me for more info.

Love Nanny An
NannyAn NannyAn
41-45, F
Dec 2, 2012