3 Stages of My Life. What Do They Have In Common? Me Wearing Diapers!

So my story begins at the age of 8 I do believe. After supper my family always spent time by walking the block. We used to be very fit. Anyways, my brother and I were only 2 years apart so we liked to do the same things basically. My parents always walked the block. My brother didn't have to though, so we decided to run it one day so we could get back to jump on the trampoline. So we spent about ten minutes jumping on the trampoline before we saw our parents coming around the corner. I jumped the highest I had ever jumped at the time and in mid air I had the urge to go use the bathroom. Number 2 to be exact. I soon as I hit the trampoline it all went out of me. By the time my parents had arrived beside the house, it was too late to clean up the mess I had released from myself. They told me if I was to young to know when to go to the bathroom that I needed to be back in diapers. So mom took me to the nearest walmart as is. I thought it was so nasty. When I went to sit down it just covered all of my privates. So there I was 8 years old walking through walmart holding the pair of diapers my mom was fixing to buy me, and the stuff start to burn me. I was screaming, so she had to take me to the bathroom to change me, which she did. The first time is always the weirdest. Same thing applies here. So I was on a month of diaper punishment, and this was everywhere. I didn't have to use it at school and that's why I never lost control, but I still had to wear them. At home and sleepovers I had to use them. I thought I had learned my lesson. So 10 years later I'm going off to college. I had a roommate I didn't know. The first night he offers me something to drink. It had ex-lax in it, and I was not aware of it. Well my room does not have a bathroom in it. He locked the door from the outside, and I ended up pooing in my pants. Also he took a picture of my messy episode. He said I could either put up with him giving the picture to everybody or I could be his diaper wearing roommate. Of course I chose the diaper wearing roommate. Now we just change each others, and nobody else knows it but us. I'm glad too! Weirdly though even though both times I was forced I never resisted too much so apparently I'm just a little baby who likes to be in diapers.

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1 Response Mar 4, 2009