Shame Or Acceptance?

 Iwas into diapers sicne I was little and I never thought much of it. When I still had the urge to wear diapers when I was in my teens, I thought I was some kind of freak. I hated myself for what I saw as some kind of diesease. When I found out that I was not the only one with this issue, I felt very relieved. Still, I'm torn about what to do. I've been hiding this secret for so long, It's hard to talk about it.



I told my girlfriend, shes the only one who knows. Then I told her to just forget about it. I saw her face when I told her. She would try to accept me, but she never will. I know that, even if she won't admit it. Still, I was tired of hiding. So I've been trying to branch out and talk to others, so I don't feel so akward.

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just wear them u wont regret them

I understand you. My number one rule is never trust anyone, and no one reliable enough. This desire to wear diapers consumes me, burning me inside out and only worsens my depression. I like him more. I think that here is a good place to talk about it, nobody knows you and how you call. Here at least we are safe.

Like anyone who likes something 'different' acceptance can be hard to come by outside of others who share the interest. No one close to me knows about this side of me and really unless necessary, it will stay that way.<br />
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The whole diaper lover/adult baby lifestyle is slowly becoming more mainstream then it once was, but is still far from being openly discussed. Just be true to yourself, accept who you are and dont shun it just to please someone else. Will it be easy? No, probably not. But knowing you aren't following the crowd just to 'be' is a great feeling. =)

no it does not turn me on . i wear a diaper for different reasons. i went to the doctor with a weard problem and he looked at it and said that if i did not keep that area dry that it would get infected . if i wear a normal pair of under wear i break out and in several days it will start to smell like dead skin than the itching be gins and the sourness . some times i change twice a day because things get wet . i cant wear deodorant or antiperspirant because most of it burns me and some of it will start smoking and then it really stinks .

If you want to talk about your experiences, feel free to message me.

Some people, even those closest to us, just can't accept something like diaperwearing. I believe they were over potty trained to the point where they believe it's wrong for someone else to wear diapers. I mean, wether they realise it or not, it's OK for them to wear diapers too!

does it turn you on or do you wear it for other reasons? honest answers please

does it turn you on or do you wear it for other reasons? honest answers please

does it turn you on or do you wear it for other reasons? honest answers please

does it turn you on or do you wear it for other reasons? honest answers please

it is kind of different isn't it not being able to tell even you closest of friends. the first time i wore a diaper was kind of scary to me and then a few times i wanted something down stairs during the day i ran through the house with a diaper on and no clothes. now some times i do the dishes in my diaper and do some house work in my diaper.