I went into the iHop in Orangeburg, SC on North Road this evening and asked about their “all-you-can-eat pancakes”. The waitress, Jasmine, brought me the menu for that and walked away so I could look at it. When she came back I said that I wanted the ham meal and pointed to the picture on the back that was described on the front. The picture had 2 eggs, hash browns, ham and 2 pancakes, just like the description that the front said was $6.99. When I finished the pancakes Jasmine brought me the bill and I asked for one more stack of pancakes. As she handed me the bill she told me that I did not get the all you can eat meal. The bill was $13 and change. When I questioned her she said that the meal on the back was different. When the manager, Akein, showed me the menu again, I asked him to show me where it said anything about any kind of difference. He could not show me any place where it said anything about the price or that it was not all you can eat. He insisted that I ordered what I wanted and I said that the waitress should have pointed out that the meal on the back was not all you can eat and cost a whole lot more. He backed up the waitress 100%. As I paid the bill I told them I would not be coming back and that I will also tell everyone I know about my experience.
truckinsaint truckinsaint
Aug 10, 2010