Dirty Feet Cleaning

a lot of my friends know I like feet, a lot of my female friends know and a lot of them will ask me to massage their feet as they say i do such a good job, nothing odd or kinky happens we have a nice long chat, maybe a glass of wine sometimes alone sometimes with outher people around and while we chat I massage their feet.
one evening a friend popped in, she was wearing flip flops, i made her a coffee, we were chatting about work and other stuff she told me she had been barefoot a lot that day and showed me her soles, they were quite filthy i can tell you..
she asked me if id massage them, of course I agreed. she asked me if i'd clean them first. I said "ok, i'll get a sponge"
before I could stand up, she had her toes on my lips "if you like feet, lick them" she said at me grinning.... well it was a frist for me but I spent the next half hour or so licking and sucking her filthy soles and toes...... it was an amazing experience and i am not sure who was most turned on after.....
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I don't blame you 6 years ago I sucked feet for the first time and now I love it.

SO great when it is unexpected. I bet you are you are excited now that you did it!

of course, and I have done it again since. Love it. especially as last time she decided to give me a foot job as a reward for cleaning her feet so well


Great story. You area a lucky guy! I never miss an opportunity to lick my wife's feet, specially if they are very filthy. I love it!

Nice one, can't claim to ever have been that lucky my self. Plus I'm not sure how my wife would feel if I was looking after someone elses feet. As she knows all about my fetish.... Nice pair of feet in my hands = ***** in my shorts ;-)

Couldn't quite believe my luck either. but was an amazing experience not yet been repeated with the same lady however she has had more massages and does often drop a comment or two about it.

Great Story!But you should have licked the dirty-black baresoles of her feet,especially in public. It is the most beautiful thing in this world!I lick this girl Lari dirty pitch-black baresoles of her barefeet in public all the time!

I exchanged foot massages with two girls at a Dead show at the NJ Meadowlands. One was heavy set and her soles were hard as rocks. Her feet were just as filthy black as mine from wandering around the parking lot and stadium floors all day. There were small piles of dirt under where we had rubbed each others feet! Another girl had dirty but soft as silk soles. I felt all over for callouses but unlike my feet, she didn't have any. We did a foot '69' with her back against the wall. As soon as I started she said "That feels so f**king good!". She didn't seem to care how messy my feet were.<br />
<br />
With an ex barefooter GF (she moved away) my shoulders and back would get dirty from her feet when they rubbed against them. Not from licking her soles, though :-) I never really did that....