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Iloved It

My son I raised as a barefooter,and the dirtier his feet were the cuter he was,and with the dirty feet came the dirty body,and I loved it,and at home I had one rule which my son loved..on weekends,he had to go to bed dirty at least one night,and on holiidays...every second day...and if his feet were dirtty,even the better....and he had to play outside a minimum of six hours......and because I also raised him a nudist,six to eight hours playing naked and barefoot outside was enough to get him and his feet filthy dirty
kaalpoter kaalpoter 51-55, M 2 Responses May 16, 2012

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Any of these friends female ? Did some of the friends like playing naked as well?

All you needed in your back yard was a mud pit? Though there you mite want to rince him off with a hose?Kids do like playing in the mud and naked is the best way to enjoy the mud.Did you son play naked with friends?

No matter who came to visist,my son was always naked,andplayed outside likethat.Even when his friends came over,I too would be naked.If we went to town and his friends came with,obviously we had to wear clothes,but we were always bare feet,but the minute we stepped into our home,we got matter who was with us.