Bring On the Noize.

Nothing is as cathartic as industrial music when you're in a bad place. Think about it:

Feeling angry? Put on some Psyclon Nine and let it all play out in your head.

Feeling manic? Combichrist's one of the bounciest industrial groups I've heard in a while.

Feeling sad? ... I've forgotten what I was going to put here as an example...


Although recently, I've been listening to much more hardcore, gabber and IDM. I suppose it shares a common ground with industrial (lots of bass, and the violence), but I don't know if it's really relevant in this group.


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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

In general, industrial music focuses on the darker side of things, but it isn't necessarily as poetic or as down as some 'goth' music. As I'm at work I sadly can't find any good examples, but needless to say I'll have a look later for you. :)<br />
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IDM is more about the music and distorted/broken beats, and much less about the lyrics. It's quite odd to find an IDM/glitch track with lyrics that one can understand. :P

i haven't heard any of that before..what are the lyrics like?