What Is Dirty?

Anything seems to qualify as "dirty sex" but to me, it means there is something illicit, not clean, naughty, not the usual. I love sex of just about any stripe, but the dirty stuff make me *** hard and often. For instance, ******* in public ... anal sex ... sharing fantasies and kinks ... hold out on him so he's frenzied and crazed. I love sliding effortlessly into fantasy while we ****, hearing him call me dirty things, and being someone else -- someone who shouldn't have this man's **** inside of me.

Or is dirty about the fact that I love being barebacked, and I love feeling his ***** being shot deep into any of my holes?

Or is dirty about being a painslut and preferring a man who needs to hurt a girl he's *******, in order to get off?

Or is dirty wanting to be raped and beaten?

Or is dirty about wanted to **** another woman and make her scream and cry and beg?

Or is dirty wanting to be attacked and knocked up, being owned through my horny, slutty *****?

Or is dirty about wanting him to want me so badly that he'll willingly lose parts of himself in order to have me?

It's all of it, and more. I'm a dirty girl, and I love it.
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No argument there :)

nothingatallreally -- GOOD sex is what you make of it. unfortunately, it's possible to have sex done to you. using the mind can help transcend bad sex into good sex. and if you're lucky, you find that bad sex is actually pretty good, in the process. ;)

I think sex is whatever you make of it. As long as the experience is shared and there is mutual benefit, then it's all good!

kittyloveruk, i don't think we need to worry about "some people's eyes" since we shouldn't be ******* them. ;)

snookbear, why the snark at me?

An interesting view of sex with the person you love "I think".

whitelaceman, you KNOW what we mean by dirty. bend over now ...

I guess what would be dirty is not showering for days, in a dirty place, wearing dirty clothes or anything else like that then no way!<br />
<br />
Otherwise having sex with someone if it contains anal, pee play, menstruation or what ever, if that is dirty than I guess I love dirty sex.

RG, ******* is a party, no? and i'm a talker and a screamer. ;) thanks for enjoying the story!

experienceme, for your sake and hers, i sure hope so!

Nahh... I cover my tracks! LOL

experienceme, your significant other might find out ... ;)

Good point! I wish I did travel once in a while... could get interesting!!<br />
<br />
I haven't written this one, but great idea! I will soon... <br />
<br />
Now...about that second load of ***.......... LOL

pimpchoir, i do indeed try to live as i write, and all of it is based on my life and thoughts. i would like to be more open, but the reality requires discretion. i'll tell the men in my life that they are considered lucky bastards! ;) thanks!

experienceme, it's a pity you don't travel, but how often could you get no-strings sex? it's an ideal, but there is always a connection when it's awesome -- even if it's a simple desire to see the **** again. have you written about this tango?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and desires. I hope you are really like this in life. It's great to be able to live out your sexual life openly. Whoever gets to be with you is one lucky bastard. I'd never let you go if I had the chance to play with you. XXX

Well I did have a tango to bed a few years back while traveling on business. It was her idea! She figured if we didn't know each other there'd be no regrets or traceable trail. What a romp!!<br />
<br />
I don't travel anymore........ :-(<br />
<br />
I'd love to dump an extra load in you Mari!!

paphian, that's way dirty .. i'm not into group sex, but one after the other is HOT. i love being overflowed with ***. is that dirty?

experienceme, it seems that there are many more ways to be dirty than "clean"! are you talking from experience, because what you've described has happened to me -- too bad i didn't get a second timr out of some of those!

Kinda sounds like a bucket list of sex!!! Let me think some...maybe I can add a quest or two!!<br />
<br />
How 'bout is dirty not knowing who that was you were just with but enjoyed the hell out of it!

kakdrukker, you're inspiring me to give up my workout :)

Mmmm, I love the way you talk.

privatedick -- i don't quite agree with the old and new ... does that mean adultry vs sex without significant others not present? underaged? if i was the one who was the younger, am i the predator or the prey? the list is endless, isn't it fun? <br />
<br />
and i hope your fridge doesn't melt! ;)

ivo, i figure "good clean fun" is meant to be clean sex ... or maybe that's an oxymoron, after all? ;)

nudy, i have a feeling that every day is a party for you, no matter who you're with!

ironman, as tom lehrer pointed out, "when correctly viewed, everything is lewd; i can tell you things about peter pan; the wizard of oz, there's a dirty old man!"