I Love Rough Dirty Sex With My Man....

my stories, dirty and rough ones, are all posted in "i love violent sex" , so check my profile if you want to read them :)
here is a sample ....
"Then he starts to finger my *****, ramming them in, adding fingers as he goes, spreading my hole wide to get his thumb in, telling me what a good little ***** I am. When I squirm he digs in the fingers of his other hand into my flesh. When he's finished he sticks his fingers in my mouth, telling me to suck my filthy **** juice of them, while I massage his big ****. Then he shoves another toy up my *** and plunges his **** in my *****, then he adds a virbrator, forcing two ***** in my ****. He tells me to suck off my Nipples on my lage breasts for him to see, not letting me stop"
AngelKittn AngelKittn
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3 Responses Feb 16, 2012

I got alot of tips off her to do to my girl. She really likes a ***** in her *** and ***** at the same time ramming the real hard. I never seen soo much *** comin out of a girl in my life. She'd wake the neighbourhood up screaming! haha

you are a sexy, dirty girl!

I do what my man wants..:) full story is posted in the other group