Dirty, Dirty.

What's sex if it's not dirty?!  I especially like talking dirty, and being talked to like I'm a ****.

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i just like to ****...

I agree!! I love being talked to DIRTY!!!

I agree. Having a gal that can talk dirty is such a turn on. I remember one time laying breathless beside my girlfriend (now ex) after we had finished f*cking like animals, feeling very satisfied and in love,and saying to myself, (out loud) "Ahhh.... my girlfriend is a f*cking ****". There was a moment of silence and then we both started laughing so hard I got tears in my eyes. We both knew it was the truth because I had just come home not 20 minutes after her other lover had filled her. She hadn't showered yet (as I begged her not to) so I could smell the sex on her. This always makes her particularly irrisistable. She turned me on more by talking dirty to me telling the dirty details of their tryst. We have an agreement: she has promised me that she will always continue to spread her legs for other men, and I have promised her that I will always make her pure again and demonstrate to her my approval of her wicked ways by cleaning her ***** with my mouth of course.

Sex is nasty...dirty...sweaty...smelly....well I mean if its done right that it .:)

i like to talk dirty a lot , your *** is eatable.

When my ex talks dirty to me in that sexy voice it wants make me *** right up her then and there, it's so hard to hold it back. and if she's on top riding me hard with her ******* in my face and she makes a really sexy sound I have to grab her *** and pull her into me so she can't move or else i'll come right up her. then after like 5-10 secs we can **** again!

You are so right<br />
<br />
love to ***** <br />
<br />

Oh, I Agree! :)~ Molly

Let's have sex without a condom. I am dirty. ;)

I quite agree. Controlled, careful, strong, deliberate use of your harsh words and strength is a turn on for both... but simply screaming and calling them names like some sex starved high school boy isnt the same... It needs to be a statement rather than a question. Tell them, show them, lead them push them to pleasure.

Thank you for become a fan -- you dirty little ***** -- :)

You should write down in detail how you would liked to be ****** - read out graphically how you want me to **** you and suck you and berform for you -- and then spank my *** if I don't do any of it exactly how you wanted it -- Or indeed think of other punishments you would like to vent on your sex slave for not making you *** as you want

I love to talk dirty during sex. Love to tell her how I want to **** her and i want to hear here tell me how she wants my **** in her!!