Sexy Girls

it is so hot when a girl has the confidence to talk dirty, express what she wants, and is willing to experiment, a.k.a. **** like an animal, lick like a pro and take it like a pornstar

chris47x chris47x
18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Damn straight! I like turning my man on..and thats what turns men *** woman tied to the bedpost begging to get ******. There are no losers here...I let him do what he wants to me..I love it when he breaks out the toys and starts slamming my hot ***** with a big vibrator while im sucking his hard ****

I always end up begging him to **** my *** and I love it.

Hot thought, I'll remember this next time I am about to hesitate to ask for something nasty to be done to me...