The Rebirth Of The Boombox

I think that the best way to find and experience new, and old,  music is the medium you choose to listen to it through. For example, Jimi Hendrix sounds much better on Vinyl than a CD. If you are bored with the music you currently have, go to a thrift store or pawn shop and find a retro radio of any kind. Tune in your favorite station and start listening!! I think people forget how good public radio can be, as long as you are choosing the correct stations. Don't listen to the stations that 'play it 'til you hate it!' This will not help your cause. I recently bought a retro BoomBox from a local thrift shop in town and it made me realize my love of the classic rock 'n roll oldies again!! So get out there. The undiscovered tunes you love await you.. on public broadcast. : )
FaceDaMuzik FaceDaMuzik
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