New Boyfriend = New Music?

Im not sure if this happens to everyone but every time i meet someone new i get really excited if they dont listen to "mainstream music". Dont get me wrong i love a lot of the music they play on the radio stations.. i mean they are mainstream for a reason right? But i LOVE finding new artists and songs to listen to. I enjoy all types of music. (thats a lie i dont listen to screamo music there is just something about someone screaming their *** off into this microphone where you cant really understand what they are saying that i dont really consider musically talented (no offense to anyone who does just my opinion)) Anyways back to the topic at hand.. i like a lot of different types of music and lots of different types guys so this whole system i have going works perfect for me ...except when you really like the new boy and are still open to new music... which is the case now. See im not much in for having things stay the same for a long amnt of time so i am in the need of a little change and could really use some help... So i recently i am into soft rock or alternative music. but i am open to all kinds of other music genres as well so if you know of some great songs that you love please leave a comment i promise i will look them up and give them a listen... even if they are screamo (if you think you can change my mind on that subject) :D
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Listen to some older pop stuff!<br />
<br />
Matchbox 20's album - Yourself or Someone Like You<br />
Oasis - Morning Glory<br />
Rage Against the Machine - (selftitled)<br />
Powderfinger - Odyssey Number 5<br />
Incubus - Make Yourself<br />
<br />
etc..<br />
<br />
These are (some of) my oldie goldies

Here are some good bands to check out.<br />
<br />
Vampire Weekend<br />
Fleet foxes<br />
Radio Head<br />
Architecture in Helsinki<br />
Tegan and Sarah<br />
Animal Collective<br />
The smiths<br />
Le Tigre<br />
Cut Copy<br />
Passion Pit<br />
Discovery<br />
<br />
( I know lots more if you want more.)<br />
I'm more of an Indie,alternative,Folk. music fan...