I Recently Discovered The Band Gotan Project

I wished I had known it earlier, but I met them in a good time because they just released their new album. I love this band so much. You should youtube it, many of their songs are awesome. The one that has the most quantity of views seems to be the favorite of the people
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3 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Well imagine how I must feel... I live in South Africa... no one like that ever really comes here! I guess we just need to develop a big fan base here or something. I so badly want to go travel though. Maybe one day I'll get to see them live... <br />
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And thanks, I will check them out.

Epoca is an awesome song, as all of the songs of La Revancha del Tango. That CD is, in my opinion, the best they have released. Another song I love is "Diferente", check it out on youtube. The new CD with their song La Gloria is awesome. I'm gonna have to travel to where they do their concerts because apparently they don't come to South Florida. They are widely known in California (and other parts of the US), Europe and South America. The sexiness and passion of the music is delightful indeed.

Love Diferente too :)

Wow! I can't believe I've found someone who likes them as much as I do besides my dad who introduced me to them...<br />
My favourite song has to be Epoca on La Revancha del Tango... Unfortunately I don't know how to get hold of their other music. I checked their website - it is beyond awesome.<br />
Don't they just have so much passion and sexiness in their sound? I love the mix of French and Spanish.