We're Out To Discover!

I must confess, the title was inspired by The Little Mermaid....ya gotta love Scuttle! haha.

I am obsessed with music of all kinds. I'm ALWAYS searching for something new to sing along with/jam out to. So, I just thought I would share my latest discovery!


They are an AWESOME band! Very relaxing, gentle music. Her voice is phenominal! I believe they're most popular for their song 'Satisfy'

If you've never heard of them, give them a play on youtube or something. =D Enjoy!

I'm always up for suggestions if you have any! That's part of why I joined this group! hehe.
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3 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Thanks a lot. I had run across Imogen Heap a while back on youtube, but forgot to save her name. I'd forgotten about her until I just listened to her now. I really like her :) I've been a fan of Regina Spektor for a while now. The other two are new though...thanks!<br />
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Let's seeee....Have you heard of Lucy Schwarts? I really like her song 'Count on Me'...Or how about Nightwish? Their song 'Meadows of Heaven' is one of my all time faves. It just moves me so much...one of those rare songs that really touches your soul, if you know what I mean. Nightwish actually has a lot of really awesome songs! I saw them live ones, and let me tell you, I've never seen ANYONE perform like that. Their lead singer REALLY loves what she does and you can just see it on her face! lol. Anywho, see, I can ramble too:P So it's alright. If you like Nightwish, you'll really like Within Temptation too. Anywho, I'm gonna shut up now:p

*gasp* She & Him....I LOOOOVE her! Her and Emma Stone are my favorite actresses of all time at the moment and I just ADORE her! Can't believe she was in a band!!!! Every time I've heard her sing I've wished to hear more from her. I should've googled! Gosh! Thank you so much!!! I truly enjoyed Andrew Bird too. What a lovely voice...and the music is terrific. Not just a punch of crap thrown together.....it's art ^_^ Some of Stars' stuff was ok, some of it was kinda creepy. lol. Not sure why I think that though:P It makes me feel like I'm shopping in Forever 21 though too! haha. Anywho, thanks for the music suggestion!!<br />
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Have you heard Meg & Dia (I especially love their song Masterpiece), Ingrid Michaelson(somehow a couple of her songs have managed to make it on the radio. I was shocked! I love her song 'Everybody' It's such a happy, feel good, peaceful world song), or Automatic Loveletter? You might not like the last band, but I thought I'd throw it out there. You never know them! I'm usually not into the whiny stuff, but there is something about her voice and their songs that I just love.

Thanks. I love them! She sounds a lot like Leigh Nash(the singer of Six Pence None The Richer)...This is my favorite kind of music to draw, scrapbook, etc to. Very pretty, peaceful, and relaxing!