I Love Learning About New Music

I spend so much time being an audiophile and perfecting my music collection, and it seems that every time I finish, I have a hundred new songs to work with, because I spend so much time on sites like Slacker.com, Jango.com, and Pandora.com discovering new music and new songs that I like. I remember a few years back I told myself I would never listen to rap, and now I have a bunch of Flobots and Mike Shinoda and such, and I said I would destroy any metal CD's I ever bought, and now I have a collection of Alexisonfire, Killswitch Engage, and Abyssal Hate. I've changed so much from then, and every day I find something new to listen to.
CDarkFreedom CDarkFreedom
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Nope, but Ill check em out. Updating, I listened to "I Love the Way You Lie" by Eminem ft. Rihanna, and now I remember why I like Eminem so much. I'm trying to learn this song so I can sing it because it is something really close to me.

I'm right there with you! lol. Somehow, I've even pulled into a little bit of the metal! lol. I think Alex Laiho is a phenomenal guitarist!!! Have you ever heard of Firewind?