Blackmore's Night

Not exactly new music when reading up! LOL

But just thought what a really good band!  - Blackmore's Night - though they have been around for last 10 years!

*led a sheltered life for some years - what can I say! Ha ha)

Many EP friends may of heard of them cos it's Ritchie Blackmore stuff - though not the heavier rock style.   Ritchie Blackmore with his lady formed this folk/rock band - Just downloaded album called The Village Lanterne. Excellent stuff.   So cool!

"Her" voice is really melodious and wistful.  The one I really, really like - and the song that GOT my attention in first place - is "Just call my name" - loving the beat and rhythm of this one.

Just Call my Name (video lyrics only)


Once in a Million Years


Ocean Gypsy


Last two are slower and more gentle than Just Call my Name but still thought they were ..... enchanting!    

(some vids quite long so you may get bored before end!  :P  

Found bit of info:   Legendary Deep Purple and Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore (b. April 14, 1945, Weston-super-Mare, England) shifted his musical focus away from hard rock in the late 1990s and started concentrating on his love of Renaissance-era music. He formedBlackmore's Night with his fiancee, vocalist/lyricist Candice Night (b. May 8, 1971, Hauppauge, Long Island, NY), and recruited other musicians from around the world to combine elements of world music, Renaissance, new age, folk, and rock & roll. Blackmore didn't exactly retire his Fender Stratocaster, but he plays acoustic guitar almost exclusively in Blackmore's Night. His acoustic guitar melodies and Night's clear, ethereal voice blend with a host of instruments such as mandolins, keyboards, pennywhistles, violins, tambourines, military drums, and hurdy-gurdies. Blackmore once described the band's sound as "Mike Oldfield meets Enya.  

Anyhow, as you can tell!!! Quite enthusiastic about my new find!!

Thought I'd share!!!! :D     
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Flor - Thank you for your comment and all this info.<br />
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I will definitely now be looking out for Renaissance and Faerie magazines. As of this date, I now have 3 album CDs - obviously The Village Lantene. Love the song posted from it but really taken with the track 'St Teresa'. Olde Mill Inn is good, yes and I also quite like Street of Dreams and Mond Tanz. Beyond The Sunset album has proved equally as good. Favourites there being Diamonds and Rust, I Still Remember and Now and Then. Shadow of the Moon I do enjoy but the other 2 albums are favourites.<br />
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Thanks for the tip on the older Deep Purple stuff. I have just listened to Soldier of Fortune from Storm Bringer album and really enjoyed it! I will take a look at the other stuff recommended!<br />
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Ace! Appreciate what you have written and great to see another Blackmore Night fan! I am so impressed with this band! :D

I believe they have 9 CD's out (not all albums are available for download), all of which can be purchased by picking up the latest copy of either "Renaissance" or "Faerie" magazines which always have adds for their entire collections. My favorite track is "Olde Mill Inn".<br />
If you ever want to listen to the older hard rock stuff, a fantastic Deep Purple album that you've probably never heard of is "Storm Bringer", not a single song of which has gotten any radio play. Also take a close listen to "One More Rainy Day" from "Shades of Deep Purple".

Des! They are ace! I am SO pleased with this find! Glad you like too! :D

@ChipmunkErnie<br />
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I am completely captivated and have just been listening to the music over and over again on ipod!<br />
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Three tracks above "at the moment" are favourites but most of The Village Lanterne - when I drag myself away from the other 3 - are also proving to be so good as well! Want to get "Beyond The Sunset" and "Shadow of the Moon" albums next.<br />
<br />
Have googled to see if band splitting but cannot find anything as yet. Did come across a "thread" whereby there seemed to be some discontentment amongst fans (but it may have just been this particular thread and some sour grapes). <br />
<br />
Hope they don't! Though I do have quite a few albums to catch up on!!!<br />
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Thanks for dropping by and leaving comment. :)

Babe! Thanks! Cool job for your son to have! Thanks for lovely comment! :)<br />
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Doug, same here! When younger it was mainly rock stuff I liked though have mellowed with age like Blackmore! Quite diverse music tastes these days. I thought this music lovely too. Liking this folky/rock style music. Quite pleased with this find. Glad you liked too. :)<br />
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Thanks both for lovely comments! :)

Awwwwwww! :D love you! You and my son would be well suited! :D He to, love discovering new music,. :D He is, a radio presenter of a few radio stations here locally! Oh! and he loves jingles! :D <br />
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Great videos, fabulous post! :D And i thank you so much for sharing! :D :D <>