Female Lead Guitarists

That was what I typed into Goolge about a month ago. I found several of note. Most are Blues artists with 2 exceptions (listed below). I have purchased CD's, downloads, and DVD's of all of them, and they all play absolutely fantastic music. They're all damned good guitarists:

Memphis Minnie, a traditional delta blues artist from the 30's / 40's, one of the first people (woman or man) to use an electric guitar for Blues. Great stuff if you like traditional Delta Blues. I started with one of the many "Greatest Hits" compilations, a 2 disc set called "When the Levee Breaks" (yes it's the song Zeppelin covered on their 4th album).

"Kissing in the Dark"

Orianthi (no last name on the mp3 album or any of the YouTube videos I've seen) plays Pop with definite Jazz overtones. She does great Santanna covers.

"Voodoo Child"

Shannon Curfman plays Rock that could have come straight out of the mid-70's, but her 4 albums came out fairly recently "Loud Guitars, Big Suspicians" (1999), "Take It Like a Man" - which I don't own and can't find - (2006), "Fast Lane Addiction" (2007), and "What You're Getting Into" (2010). If you're a Classic Rock fan, there are apparently people still making it.

"True Friends (Live)"

The rest of these broads are in-fuckng-credible Blues Guitarists similar in style to Bonnie Raitt (for slide work) or Stevie Ray Vaughn:

Sue Foley: I have her albums "Every Road I Take", "Every Woman's Blues", "Love Comin' Down", "New Used Car", "Ten Days in November", "Time Bomb", "Walk in the Sun", and "Where the Action Is", plus her self-titled DVD. Sue plays quite a few Memphis Minnie covers.

"Two Trains"

Susan Tedeschi: I have her albums "Back to the River", "Better Days", "Hope and Desire", and "Wait for Me", plus her DVD "Live from Austin, TX". Also check out her collaboration with The Derek Trucks Band "Joyful Noise" - it's a bit spacey; I'd probably classify it as Jazz Fusion.

"Better Days"

Erja Lyytinan: I have her albums "Dreamland Blues", "Grip of the Blues", and "Voracious Love". Alas, no DVD is available here in the States.

"Got to Move"

Ana Popovic: I have her albums "Blind for Love" (4), "Comfort to the Soul" (2), "Hush!" (1), "Still Making History" (3), and "Unconditional" (5). Plus I have 2 DVD's: "Ana!" and "An Evening at Trasimeno Lake". Ana likes to throw in the occasional Jazz Fusion number. Listen to her albums in chronological order (the # in parentheses) and check out the progression of her accent as it becomes less pronounced; I found it absolutely fascinating.

"Navajo Moon"

Dani Wilde: I have her albums "Heal My Blues" and "Shine". Again, no DVD available here, but since she's a Brit, I'm hoping I can find something available for purchase from the UK since many of the websites there sell to the US.

"I Don't Even Care"

All of these women are exceptional singers and, more importantly, incredible guitarists; I can't recommend them highly enough.
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I don't know if our like of guitar playing matches or not, as I like slow compared to fast, like Knopfler and Floyd. I happy you found Sue Foley who also did a book I think and dvd called "Guitar Women". I like "two trains" and "absolution". I have been dragging my feet to put that song on youtube for like 5 years now :(

That's the thing about all great guitarists, they can shred at lightning speed with the best of them, but it's when they slow down that they truly shine. That's the reason I think Robin Trower is probably te most under-rated guitarist in Rock /Fuzion / Blues, but I digress. Dani Wilde, Erja Lyytinan, and Ana Popovic can all slow it down just as well as Sue.