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Music Is My Heaven

 I hear songs of my past. I play them over and over in my mind. Happy songs - big time. I walk through the streets of my life and music is all around. It gives me a lift to the higher Realm - World of Dreams. 

 I stay there as long as I can. I imagine sharing my music with others and they enjoy my tunes. That is why I always loved working on radio. I used to have morning show and along with me, the city used to wake up. People were calling and telling their stories, requesting for songs and I served them music. 

I still sometimes dream about that during night. That moment, I feel alike the Captain of Space ship and with me all the listeners travelling to the pure land,  the garden of safety and enjoyment. This feeling of giving overwhelms me completely. I am not me anymore, a guy with a boring life, with no perspective for future but - I am hero. I am who I want to be and there is no end to it.

This is simple Mind Exercise. You can try it too. It creates great feelings and can lift the heaviest weight off your shoulders. I call it the gift of "giving". Imagine that you have something in plenty.  In case of music, it is quite simple as  you just have few songs that you love and  share with others.

Imagine you give the music to others -  your family, friends and strangers. They are enjoying it and they revert with feedback. They are sending you appreciation, their love and support for you for what they received plus admiration for your beauty shown to them.

Offerings with the music works fine at least to me but you can achieve the best results by working with money. I don’t know why. Maybe because we never have enough. We always want it and always want more. 

Imagine that you won 50 million dollars in lotto 649. You can go in your imagination through all the process of winning and receiving the price and then you start to share. Begin with the family and the beloved ones. See how you can make them happy and feel the blessings which comes back to you for what you did. Then go further because the best healing comes, when you are able to give something to those whom you don’t like or hate or to those who harmed you in the past. You can argue with yourself like I won’t give them that or I would give them less but make sure that you give them something. Go with the process as long as you can. In the end, you can do something for yourself like: buy a house or redecorate old one. Buy new furniture for your new house, bring all the family together in your new place etc. You would certainly feel after awhile that how good it is to give and receive. I am sure about that. 

This exercise is nothing new and has a tradition of hundreds of years. I usually do it before going to sleep. I sleep sound most of the times. Happy Giving and receiving. This is my gift for you. Thank you for all the blessings!


Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 9 Responses Jun 6, 2012

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my life is boring too. I love music, I can't go one day without listening to a song

Yes music make our days and make us feel happy and inspired.
Whenever you are bored please message me.
Talking I believe is much better than feeling bored.

This is interesting and somehting to think on

I am so glad that you decided take a look here.
I hope that you will find my thoughts useful.
Thank you.

Music is my them and always will..:))


Wonderful story. I woke up in middle of nightt to read it.

Thank you. Love you.

I think music say things words can't.. love your story =:0)

Wonderful. Yes music is like magic.

Music and songs, when happy even the sad song with its lyrics and melody..soft and touching. has ectasy..happy songs are full of songs are few times embarrasing..and most of the time entertaining. Whenever a song is requested..I smile..I don't know..but I find the request to be an indication that this with a particular one..I start thinking how does the song relate to our taste..and lottery..when you have life..its a best lottery to share..moments that can be given..last longer..hope that you incite lives them ..because of you.priceless

That is so true. You always know how to find another dimension in my stories. I learning a lot from you.

your stories are inspiring ..of course you are the writer :))

I try my best.

Wonderful outlook . Peace

Peace will be with you as well.

thumbs up "like"

Thank you.

you're welcome.. I like the messages music conveys..also how you applied your story about music to a particular situation...

I am glad that you like this particular story. Especially because is not so popular as others of my stories. I was thinking that looking at life from Buddhist point of view is not the best likeable way on here. But your comment gives me lots of hope for future. Thank you for that again.

Working at the radio station sounds like it must have been a fun job. It's interesting to hear the different stories people have about songs/pieces of music, and how it can really take you to another time. I have songs that can remind me of my past, but even songs that were way before my time can take me back in a way too. Listening to rock songs from the 60s, jazz music, classical music, it just makes you feel closer to that time and that culture. That's why I like discovering a wide variety of music too; it can take you to so many different times and places, and can teach you a lot about culture.<br />
<br />
I always wished that I had a natural talent for music, but I never really did. I could never write anything. I still like to collect music, and maybe one day cover songs I like as a tribute to artists that inspire me.

It was fun. I was very popular at that time and really enjoy it. Thank you for sharing. You walk through my garden.