Boomtown festival in Bristol this Saturday - and I can't go :(

DancingFox DancingFox
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mmmm accents.....

Well, on top of the accent, he also has incredible charisma, talent, energy, and a heart of gold and....

OK, OK, I'm smitten. Bahhhhh.

Did I mention how lovely he is with the kids when he comes to my (now former) school to do workshops with the kids? He has an amazing rapport with them and it's 100% genuine.
OK, OK, I'll shut up. *dreamy sigh*

LMAO you're sooooo in love!

Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone. lol

lol it will be OUR secret

Yeah. No one else can possibly know, right? Oh wait...


Shut up and kiss me.

*tackles and snogs*


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