=K R A F T W E R K=

The inventors of TEKKNO. Search YouTube for KRAFTWERK videos. The ROBOTS, Autobahn, Trans Europa Express, etc.... Fantastisch! :]
ROBOTkw ROBOTkw 51-55, F 1 Response Aug 10, 2012

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One of the best bands ever. Am i the only one whose favourite track of theirs is Hall of mirrors

Interesting choice. Kinda spooky and brooding- lieber auf Deutsch. [Preferably in German] Similar to Showroom Dummies/Schaufensterpuppen. OHM SWEET OHM is an excellent pick-me-upper tune. MusiK NonStop. TechnoPop. It's all good. "Ve arr ze ROBOTS und ve fokking rule." :]]]]

what other music do you like apart from Kraftwerk? German rock, techno, or something completely different? I like a lot of differente things from Coil to Einstuerzende Neubauten, Current 93,...

I like all kinds of music. Electronic is my fave, but I'm also into classical [BACH], rock oldies, gospel, folk, Dr Demento tunes, a little punk, whatever. I grew up singing in Church. Mom was the pianist. My sisters and I sang specials and led hymns. Choir, art and dance were my best subjects in school. :] Oh, I got the name ROBOT from the late 70's, pre-breakdance era. I was a mechanical showroom dummy.*Whirr-KlicK*.