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One night I was up late chatting to a friend in South Africa. We were chatting for awhile when she made a comment on my music selection. She replied, " I noticed that you listen to a lot of the 80`s music." I thought about that after awhile. So on other night I am listening to my music--80`s of course but soon after, I had a moment of clarity. She was right! I started listening to the radio more to see what was out there. I have a collection of over 500 Cd`s so I take my music seriously. I since upgraded to other music.
But that night chatting with my friend actually changed my life. Strange as that may seem. It was like I was stuck in a genre. I still chat with my lady friend from South Africa and I thanked her but I don`t think she realizes the impact she left. Because of her honesty I was able to move forward with life. I did not know that I was in some way, stuck. I still listen to the 80`s genre but I am more open to other music that is out there.
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I love 80s music too. *cough* it was the music of my youth *cough* .. but I have to be honest, I really don't like most of the music that is out there now on mainstream radio. (My dad always warned me this day would come!) Generally I find a lot of it just lacks..well, anything really. lol I am so over the rnb/hip hop phase..that is played to death...and people like Bieber? I'll pass, thanks. lol What I have gotten into the last few years is electronic music. House, electro, progressive, trance, techno..etc. It's just a refreshing change from the watered down garbage on the radio that is played ad nauseum now. (God remember when you could actually call a radio station and request a song, even an older one..and they would play the damn thing??) Some of the electronic music you can definitely hear an 80s music influence in. Good stuffs. Takes a while to find what you like best..but you should give that a listen. It's a whole huge musical genre(s) that really isn't played on conventional radio.

Good for you... I started doing the same via a friend on ep. We send song suggestions to one another. I am getting exposure to music I wouldn't otherwise, and it's so fun.

I didn't much care for the Rock & Pop that came out in the '80s, so I started listening to Jazz Fusion and Progressive Country (before it was ever called Alt country), not only from the 80's, but from the late '60s and all of the '70s as well. Some incredible music came out between 1966 and 1997, none of which got any airplay except for the special stations (Jazz Fusion out of SF, and Progressive Country out of Bakersfield).

Music takes me back in time so easily....the 80s were a tumultuous time for a teenaged girl, just learning who she was...the music was all I had (or so I thought)...haha...don't be dissin' the 80s!!....just kidding....I love music of all types...

Good. I like the 80's too. But my parents insist that the 60s &70s were the best. I of course love the more recent ones.

music is like lookin at your photo album,you rush into it seeking lovely memories

wow...thats soo true!

Think it is common to fall in love with the music of your teens, your roots music. I love the early rock and roll songs from late 50's and early 60's. Listen to a lot of other music, but sometimes just have to go back.

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