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Please!!! Share With Me...

I love to be introduced to new music....I'm always lurking around youtube, clicking on the titles I don't know....

I want you (yes, you) to give me the title of something you like to listen to....please, share with me one of your faves...the more obscure, the better.....

This is a great way to share and learn about other people...and it's always good to get turned onto something you've never heard before.....

Thanks for indulging me!!
NotHisBabydoll NotHisBabydoll 41-45, F 60 Responses Jan 7, 2013

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Shine by TransAtlantic
Haunt Me by Show of Hands

This side by Nickel Creek

Thank you! I enjoyed that! ;)

All good songs...thanks GT! Apparently, I have to come here periodically to check, since I didn't get notifications for these....grrr...

Check out Gogol Bordello. They're not everyone's cup of tea because they really push the envelope sometimes, but a great group.

I will...thanks!

David Gray. His music is Amazing! :) Just depends what kind of music you enjoy

I'll check him right now....thanks!! =}

Ooh, I have heard him before...I like him!

Everyone likes David. Hes only the best! Glad you like :)

I love discovering new tunes also. Don't know what type of music you like but let me know some of your fav. songs.

I'm kinda drawn to bluesy/country/rock types right now....anything a little jazzy and funky is good too....

Haim, Peace, Swim Deep?

this is so beautiful, it's from my culture

Try Ben Howard! He's one of my favorites. More so his songs Everything, Under the Same Sun, The Fear, Only Love or Further Away :)

Anathema - Untouchable, oh, and you're welcome ;D

That is good! (and thank you....haha)

Not sure what exactly you're into, but I have been listening to a lot of Mumford & Sons lately. Something about his voice, the harmony of it all, and the profound lyrics. I recommend The Cave, and Lover of the Light

Oh....I love them too.....they are right up my alley! Thanks! ;-)

Oh well in that case, KT Tunstall is very good as well

I found a new band.....they have a U2 feel to them...maybe some Indie Rock....
The song is call SEX......(that's not the reason I like the song)
The band is called ...."The 1975"
I have grown to enjoy them.....hope you do as well.

It is good! Thanks ! ;)

Tropic of Cancer

your galaxy by speaker of the house is a greaaat song, also u should check out lemaitre

I just recently discovered American Aquarium. Very good southern roots rock!

Fred Eaglesmith
Reckless Kelly
Robert Earl Keen
The Bottle Rockets

Thanks! I'll check them out :)

not sure where your from but try out The TREWS. Good canadian band.

I'm sorry...I must have missed this post....but I have heard them before...they are good (Poor Ole Broken Hearted Me)...thanks!!

Just found dead Sara... Weatherman is name of the song pretty cool check it out tell me what u think. :-)

Oooh....I'm a huge fan.....Sorry For It All is my fave...thanks!!

listen to John Prine ?

With Iris Demente...In Spite of Ourselves...I love that one....

I listened to this one really funny cute song:-)

Playing for change great org.good music

will check it out......thnx!!

Have you heard of halestorm? I get off ,,, is great're the second person to recommend Hush Sound....I like it...thanks!!!

Also, scotty vanity. You probably have heard him, but Im older, and discovered the singer by accident, so he's like underground to me.

yes...I do remember that....*I like your hair*...haha

Ok, not new, but not on the radio. The B-52's their first 2 albums are very original Rock Lobster is just one example. Bucket Head. Lynx- her stuff sounds good with the bass turned up. Type O Negative- Christian Woman, Love You To Death, Black no. 1, are great songs with a sexy Halloween feel.

wow...they really are kinda dark, aren't they? it's cool though...thank you!!

If you want some good music then is amazing. He's called Mitch and he's just amazing.

I liked that....thank you!!

I don't suppose this is what you meant by new music, but if you want something really obscure try Peter Grimes by Benjamin Britten or Shostakovitch's Symphony No. 14 (with poetry on the subject of death by Apollinaire, Lorca, Rilke and someone no-one's ever heard of). It's amazing music and definitely not stuffy.

I'll check it out....thanks for sharing!!!

Try "becoming a legend" or "Rise", both by John Dreamer.
Two steps from Hell are also amazing. ("Heart of Courage", "Magica", "Defenders of The Earth","Atlantis", "For the Win", etc.)
Story of the Year is an amazing rock band. Try "Wake up", "Page avenue", Take me back", etc.

Will do....I'll let you know...thank you so much! ;)

I like all of those...thanks so much!!

Grace Potter and the naucturnels, Natalie Merchant

I do like Natalie....I'll check out Grace.....thanks!!!


She sounds good too!! Thank you!! I'm so glad I put this up, I'm getting so much's great!

I discovered her a few months ago. What a voice! It's a shame she's left us. If you like her, utube as much as you can find. It's all awesome. I'm one of those big tough guys, and she chokes me up every time I hear it.

Beautiful.....thank you so much....

Try Joss stone put your hands on me. :-)

yeah...I like Joss....I first heard her about three years her voice....thanks for that!!!

:-) how about Zac brown sweet Annie love it

Yes...I've always liked Zac Brown....good music...reminds me of've heard of them?

I have :-) I've got a couple if there cds ... :-)
Love zacs voice !!

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