Discovering In The Oddest Places

Back in the 80's, to step out of your small world of local radio stations, it was a time to turn to MTV when they actually had music videos. The other way was to just buy the albums to find out what the artists' range of musical talent could cover and many times that wasn't much more than the songs that got airplay.

I was impressed back around 2000 when I found a station broadcasting on the web called The Eagle out of the wildest places, a high school. Such variety spanning many decades including new tunes with John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, The Clash, The Cure and much more unheard songs that just never made air time - at least here in what I call the white square of new culture (opposite of a black hole).

Another surprising source are movies end credits to find out the gems you've heard. Danny Elfman has quite a few credits - The Little Things from The Bourne series is one that got my attention. CIA Man by The Fugs from an awful movie The Informant with Matt Damon was a really hilarious song. Patricia Vonne has an awesome voice in Mudpies and Gasoline in the movie Hell Ride. That reminds me, Quentin Tarantino has some eclectic taste in music for his movies that are usually pretty good.

Let me know if have some other discoveries under some remote rock that you've turned over.

holeyturnedon holeyturnedon
46-50, M
Jan 7, 2013